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Denver, Colorado

Welcome to the Intendence Film Festival

The Intendence Film Festival is an annual community-focused international experience. Our absolute desire is to engender a festive atmosphere where both filmmakers and the film-viewing public can connect, communicate and have a remarkable time. In 2018, it was held June 8th and 9th at Denver Open Media in the heart of "Denver's Art District on Santa Fe." The Festival Awards Brunch was held on Sunday, June 10 at El Noa Noa, just around the corner from Denver Open Media.

As actors and filmmakers who have chosen to live in Colorado, we are inspired to highlight the extraordinary skills of local writers, producers, filmmakers, and artistic talent while attracting first-rate storytellers from all over the world. The very best of their film submissions are selected by a team of experienced judges and screened during the Festival.

In 2018, Intendence presented forty-three films from Colorado, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Australia, China/USA, Colombia, France, India, Italy, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom.